Anus Praeter

Anus praeter or Stoma

Stoma means that a loop or the end of small or large bowel is brought out through the abdominal wall and the bowel is sutured to the skin. The stoma is closed off with a karaja plate and a plastic bag that retains the bowel content.

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We differentiate between temporary and permanent stomas.


A temporary stoma is usually a loop of small or large bowel, brought out through the abdominal wall, which discontinues the passage of stool to lower parts of the intestinal tract in order to facilitate healing of a difficult or endangered anastomosis. This stoma is taken down 1-6 weeks later (when the anastomosis has healed) and the bowel reconnected. 


Permanent stomas are usually end-stomas. Restoration of continuity is not possible or not wanted.


The medical industry provides our patients with a huge variety of excellent products for every need to facilitate stoma care and enable patients to live a normal life. One of the most prominent patients with a stoma for nearly 30 years was Elizabeth- The Queen Mother.