The patient
is the priority


The patients and their well being are the center of all my efforts. I see my practice as a service enterprise – thriving for the best possible therapy and solution of their medical problems. In order to achieve this I consider it essential to have a face to face meeting with the patient. During our discussions any existing reports will be reviewed and together with any initial investigations necessary, a preliminary diagnosis will be produced. Subsequently any further investigations will be carried out as required to confirm the final diagnosis and the recommended treatments.


This of course can take considerable time and patience, however it is very important to me that my patients know what is happening and that they fully understand the diagnosis and the proposed treatments.


Trust and understanding is crucial to be able to walk the sometimes bumpy road of surgery together as patient and doctor. Therefore I insist in taking care of my patients personally after the operation. In fact I think there is no other way!


I am also very proud to be able to offer my patients the optimal environment of the ISAR Klinikum: state of the art diagnostic facilities, multi disciplinary treatment by a network of excellent and experienced specialists (all resident at the hospital), hygienically safe operating rooms and treatment facilities. Finally the “Hotel like” atmosphere in the rooms and wards facilitate the wellbeing and comfort of our patients.


The goal is to make any visit to my consulting rooms and to the ISAR Klinikum as comfortable, safe and successful as possible. I will offer my expertise and experience of many years in the field of surgery and a highly specialized medical environment.

Where does it hurt?

Discover visceral surgery and its diversity with our interactive body map.

Consultation in my office

The purpose of my office is consultation. Here I want to talk to my patients. This is very important to me.

Minimal invasive surgery

Hospital stay and recovery time decrease with minimal invasive surgery, an early return to work and social life is ensured.