Zentrum Munich

Isar Medizin Zentrum, Munich

The combination of office rooms and hospital (Isarklinik) under the same roof of the Isar Medizin Zentrum facilitates an operative spectrum, usually available only in big communal or academic institutions. 


Isar Medizin Zentrum stands for a modern health- and competence center in the heart of Munich. It includes the hospital (Isarklinik) with 250 beds and the office building for the medical specialists as well as rehabilitation facilities like physiotherapy etc. 


Aim of the Isar Medizin Zentrum is to make a visit to its facilities as comfortable as possible for the patients. All our patients are treated exclusively by specialists. Our well trained and service orientated nursing and paramedical staff takes care of our patients at a very high and professional level. At the moment we have a total of nearly 450 people working for us at the hospital (from the kitchen, to room service, to nursing on the wards, at ICU and in OR etc).


A huge variety of medical specialties from minimal invasive up to extensive conventional surgery is offered at the Isar Medizin Zentrum:

Surgery                                                Abdominal-/viszeral surgery
                                                             General surgery
                                                             Trauma surgery
                                                             Vascular surgery
                                                             Thoracic surgery
                                                             Plastic Surgery 


Internal Medicine                                Cardiology

Orthopedic surgery


Ear Nose and Throat surgery




Admission to the hospital is usually on the day of surgery. Before the patients come to the hospital a careful check up is done by our Anesthesiology team, to make sure that all coexisting medical problems are dealt with. They will also discuss details of anesthesia.


Modern health care means interdisciplinary team work. We strongly believe in the cooperation of medical specialists because we see the patient as a whole and very complex individual. Patient managers try to optimize the interactions of administration, diagnostics, nursing, OR, therapy and doctors.


For accompanying persons hotels in the immediate vicinity of the hospital are available usually at special rates. In limited cases they can also be accommodated at the hospital. 


The rooms in the hospital are equipped at a very high standard. Full air conditioning, a bedside entertainment center and our spacious roof terrace are available for all our patients. Our luxury rooms and suites offer high end hotel standard and service. (more under

Where does it hurt?

Discover visceral surgery and its diversity with our interactive body map.

Consultation in my office

The purpose of my office is consultation. Here I want to talk to my patients. This is very important to me.

Minimal invasive surgery

Hospital stay and recovery time decrease with minimal invasive surgery, an early return to work and social life is ensured.